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28 October 2019, 22:50


I want to let my moodle user connect to mahara from moodle without adding a new user.

I searched and i found some documents but they are really old and i don't know how to use them.

Did somebody did that recently and can tell me step by step ?

(Mahara 19.04 and Moodle 3.7.2)

Thank you

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02 November 2019, 16:57

Hi Lucas,

While the documents for setting up MNet between Moodle and Mahara may be old, the process is still the same.

If you are setting up the connection just now, I'd recommend going with LTI instead of MNet. You can find instructions for that in the Mahara manual.

If you already have the MNet done and now want to connect an existing Mahara account to a Moodle account, you can do that in bulk or manually for each person individually. The bulk option is handy when it's not just one person. If it is just one person, go to their account settings as administrator (either via the profile page or Admin menu -> Users -> User search -> Click the username), change the authentication method and enter their Moodle username into the field "Username for external authentication" which becomes visible once you selected MNet.

If you have LTI set up, there is no external authentication remote name to add.



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