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Mahara/Moodle integration /
problems with Mahara since change to new ERP/multi-factor authenticaion/SimpleSAML

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11 September 2019, 8:06

We are using Mahara version:2018051400 in our Moodle instance, I see on the Mahara site that there is a 2019 Mahara available, but that may be beside the point.
Last night I was teaching a grad class how to use Mahara, and last week I did another grad class training. Last night the problems were egregious.
1. All students, and I, had to change passwords upon entering. I am assuming that since we moved from one ERP to Campus Management and the system authenticates off of our email address and we are using simplified SAML instead of LDAP that that may be a part of the  issue.
2. As a student, or as I, finally got in to Mahara when we would click on a Mahara element (Create, or some other internal link associated with Mahara) we would get kicked out and have to try and log back in. we were asked multiple times to change our password. We finally did notice that when we went back to the course and clicked on the Mahara link that it would take us back in.
3. A couple of the students were able to go to their picture and profile and click on profile and they were able to find their old accounts, but not all of them could find all of their content.
4. In an effort to show or demonstrate I went back to a course I was in earlier and I clicked on the Mahara link and was asked to change my log in. I've changed it so many times I am running out of password options...
Is it possible that Mahara needs some changes made to settings? Yellowdig had to make changes on their end as a result. VidGrid also had to make some changes. So, I am not sure if the simplified SAML is the issue. I will continue to try and log in to Mahara to access their help forums. Every time I ask for a user name or password change I am told I'll get an email— that never comes. It doesn't recognize what I believe to be my current username and password.
I finally asked to register and am now registered, even though I previously had an account. I am hoping that I can get some clarity.
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13 September 2019, 14:11

Hi Bill,

Sorry to hear about all the issues you were encountering while logging in. It'll be very hard trying to figure out what's going on as we don't have enough information on how your Moodle and Mahara are set up (Mnet / LTI / SAML as parent authentication etc.).

Please check with your Mahara hosting partner in the first instance as they would be able to verify the settings between Moodle and Mahara, can look into log files, and check that the setup is correct.

It sounds like something changed with your authentication method and Mahara hadn't been considered during the changes and thus some settings weren't made. Without looking at the Mahara instance though we can't say what that might be.



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