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Build a New Template in the "Create" menu on the Mahara Platform.

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19 June 2019, 14:57

I am a new developer for Mahara platform for our institution. Our institution requires adding a new menu for the ExCEL (Extra Curricular Experiential Learning) course under the "Create" menu in Mahara.

After clicking the new menu, it has fixed templates to add information such as Program Name, Program Information, Graduates Attributes, Mini Reports, Self Reflection and Video / Image Attachments. Can I know the location of each file involved to develop like the above templates in the release of the Mahara 18.10 directory? Is there a cost if the help from Mahara platform developers?

Thank you for your concern.

- Anwar

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23 June 2019, 21:31

Hi Anwar,

Can you please provide more information on what sort of template you are looking to create? I sounds like you wish to set up new menu items that point to particular new pages where certain information is collected. But it's unclear whether these are portfolio pages or more like forms where you enter information that can then be used in portfolios.

You can hire Mahara developers for work that you can't do on your own. Some Mahara Business Partners perform development work.



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