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Can not upload files from mahara mobile app

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13 June 2019, 22:10

I can login into mahara mobile app through token generation method, also I can upload journals through mahara app but files are not uploading from mahara app.

Mahara version is: 17.04

Php version: 7.0

Mysql version: 5.7

Webservice Error Log :

[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC] [WAR] d0 (lib/errors.php:859) Failed to get a recordset: mysqli error: [1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '?  LIMIT 2' at line 1] in EXECUTE("SELECT * FROM "external_tokens"  WHERE "token" = ?  LIMIT 2")Command was: SELECT * FROM "external_tokens"  WHERE "token" = ?
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC] Call stack (most recent first):
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC]   * log_message(string(size 343), integer, true, true) at /home/portfolio/public_html/lib/errors.php:95
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC]   * log_warn(string(size 343)) at /home/portfolio/public_html/lib/errors.php:859
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC]   * SQLException->__construct(string(size 343)) at /home/portfolio/public_html/lib/dml.php:517
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC]   * get_recordset_sql(string(size 51), array(size 0), integer, integer) at /home/portfolio/public_html/lib/dml.php:336
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC]   * get_record_sql(string(size 51), array(size 0), integer) at /home/portfolio/public_html/lib/dml.php:305
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC]   * get_record(string(size 15), string(size 5), null) at /home/portfolio/public_html/webservice/lib.php:1049
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC]   * webservice_server->authenticate_by_token(integer) at /home/portfolio/public_html/webservice/lib.php:980
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC]   * webservice_server->authenticate_user() at /home/portfolio/public_html/webservice/lib.php:1823
[13-Jun-2019 09:01:27 UTC]   * webservice_base_server->run() at /home/portfolio/public_html/webservice/rest/server.php:75 

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23 June 2019, 21:37

Hi Nitin,

Do you have the same happening on a supported version of Mahara? 17.04 is out of support. Since we do make improvements to Mahara in newer versions, it's good to test your work flow on a new version to determine whether you encounter the same problem or not as we may have fixed the problem along the way.



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24 June 2019, 23:28

Hello Kristina,


Now I have upgraded the Mahara version to 19.04 and MySql version is 5.7 but the problem still remain same.


Error Message(on app): Access control exception: Invalid token selected or none supplied


As I think, token is not validating due to any reason. Please suggest


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30 June 2019, 19:52

Hi Nitin,

Do you see any error messages in the error log?



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19 July 2019, 21:40

I have same error. I need to resolved as soon as possible.

Mahara version: 19.04

Php version: 7.0.33

Tell me something please!

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Posts: 3912

26 July 2019, 5:47


Can you please install ? We had to move to a new app in the Android store and that now contains version 1.4.2 with a library upgrade.

Thank you


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19 July 2019, 22:36

I have seen error logs- token exception error: invalid token supplied


While Mobile app is working fine on Apple. Problem arising only in android mobile app.

Also journals are uploading in android mobile app but files and recorded files are not

Please help

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