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Restrict access to file folder

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05 June 2019, 3:04


I've been asked to setup a group that will include users who are allowed to see different pages within the group. Everything is working fine except that default membership of the group also gives you full access to the file folders - which we don't want.

The only way I can see of restricting access to the file folders is to setup multiple groups with different users in each, but as 3/4 of the content built over the next year will be the same for each subgroup I was reluctant to have to duplicate the effort. Can anyone suggest an alternative using the existing permissions? Note - I can't just restrict viewing files to admin as users will have standard membership and need to see files in any folder relevant to their subgroup. I guess I could make one group tutors and limit which files that role is allowed to see - but I don't want to grant either subgroup of users any extended permissions.

Regards, Gordon.

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05 June 2019, 10:57

Hi Gordon,

There aren't any subgroup possibilities in core Mahara at this stage. I think unless you want to make a customization and introduce another role or set up a separate group there is nothing that can be done.

Would the following work?

You have a group that holds all the content that you want to share with sub groups of people. You then create pages with the resources for each group and then share these pages with the respective groups. The students get access to these resources but would still not have access to the full group and thus not be able to see all the other files that had been uploaded to the group.



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