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Why are you (not) attending the developer meetings?

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12 May 2019, 17:09

Hi everyone,

The Mahara project has regularly scheduled developer meetings to discuss technical questions that can benefit from directly talking to each other to sort things out. They typically take place every 5-7 weeks.

We'd like to know why you are - or are not - attending them. Is it because of the time zone difference? Are the topics not relevant? Is it anything else?

We started the conversation in the last developer meeting.

Look forward to your responses.


14 May 2019, 0:36

Hi Kristina,

I don't attend because I am not a coder and imagined that developer meetings were technical in nature. Am I wrong?

Best wishes,

Bob Ridge-Stearn, Newman University, Birmingham.

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16 May 2019, 8:40

Hi Bob,

Yes, the developer meetings are primarily for developers to have the chance to discuss technical questions. We do though also touch on non-technical things (see the minutes).



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30 June 2019, 18:29


I'm coming back to this topic to check if there are any further comments on this topic.

In this week's developer meeting we also touched on having audio / video recordings available of our meetings. Written minutes are still appreciated as they can be scanned more quickly, especially if you are looking for something specific. However, audio or video recordings might come in handy as well. Since we have not yet used video much, audio might be the recording medium for the time being. Using Audacity would also make it easy to capture the audio.

Any suggestions or other ideas?



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