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Changing port in Administer Authorities

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16 March 2019, 12:25 PM

Hi, I have Moodle (version 3.63) and a Mahara (version 18.10), which I downloaded from and uploaded to my ISP Siteground using my cPanel. It’s running on Apache/2.4.27. PHP 7.216.

I’m trying to create a mahoodle. Followed instructions as best I could but link from network block from moodle only takes me to the mahara login screen, and from there I cannot sign in. Did some digging and found that my ISP uses port 80 for the http default and they use another port for SSL (they offer Let’s Encrypt, not OpenSSL though their support indicates that it should work).

When I set up XML-RPC as part of my moodle institution, the default port was 80 and I left it that way. I need to go back and change it but I can’t find a way back into the Administer Authorities page to change the port. I deleted it and reinstalled but it would not take me back to the Administer Authorities page. Can you tell me how I can change the port, please?

In Plugin Administration, I cannot find an Authentication plugin.

Does XML-RPC need to be turned on in Web Services?

Thank you,


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18 March 2019, 2:00 PM

Hi Ray,

Instead of setting up MNet, why not use LTI instead? See the user manual for the setup. That is the future direction we are taking for the connection of Mahara to an LMS, including Moodle. MNet still works, but if you don't already have an established Moodle - Mahara site, I would go for LTI.

If you do want to continue with MNet, you do not need to turn on web services. MNet, while the auth method is called XML-RPC, is not governed by the Mahara web services.

Port 80 is typically for sites without an SSL certificate. I recommend that both Mahara and Moodle are set up with an SSL certificate. Browsers started to mark non-encrypted sites as not safe, and since people have logins to the sites, they should be protected by a certificate. You will also need an SSL certificate if you at any point want to use web services with Mahara, including the mobile app, Mahara Mobile.

If you do need to change the port in the authentication method, you'll find that by going into the settings for your institution as authentication methods are always set up on the institution level. Mahara is multi-tenanted and thus allows different institutions to use different authentication methods. Once in there, you'll see "XML-RPC" listed and can click it. You are then back on the authentication administration screen for that authentication method in that particular institution. Note that you can only set up one MNet connection between your Mahara and Moodle sites. If you used LTI, you could set up different institutions in Mahara and connect them all to still just one Moodle.



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