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Error installing Mahara thrue instalatron

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07 March 2019, 12:41 PM


I am getting the following error when installing Mahara thru installatron on my site by my provider.


Installing: Error: A database query has failed. Is the entered database information correct? Does the account have available disk space? type = mysql host = localhost database = deb10880n3_ma1 username = deb10880n3_ma1 password = **HIDDEN** Technical information: method = query arguments = array ( 0 => 'SELECT `id` FROM `ma_usr` WHERE `admin`=\'1\' AND `active`=\'1\' ORDER BY `id` ASC LIMIT 1', 1 => NULL, 2 => 'id',) errstr = MYSQL ERROR 1146: Table 'deb10880n3_ma1.ma_usr' doesn't existSELECT `id` FROM `ma_usr` WHERE `admin`='1' AND `active`='1' ORDER BY `id` ASC LIMIT 1


When I look at my DB with MySQLAdmin I see al lot of tables, but the table ma_usr is missing.

Could someone help me solve this problem?




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11 March 2019, 3:43 PM

Hi Marc,

In mahara we use the "usr" table to keep the user accounts data.
However we do not have the "ma_usr", so I'm guessing you set the dbprefix configuration variable to be
$cfg->dbprefix = 'ma_'
in the config.php file.

That error message is not very helpful to see where the problem was. If there was an error during installation and you want to access the site after that, some of the data needed might not be created and it will display an error message like the one you have.

But it does not say how it failed during installation. For us to understand where the problem is and help you, we would need the logs from the moment you were installing. Is it possible for you to access the logs of your site?


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12 March 2019, 8:44 AM

Il will try.

Don 't know if my provider allowed me access. 

If not I will ask them to send me the log files. 

Can I upload them here or do I have to send them somewhere else?


Thanks for the RE.



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14 March 2019, 11:02 AM

Hi Marc,

It might be better to upload them somewhere and then link here rather than pasting a long error log here.



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