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User manual available in Japanese

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22 February 2019, 18:27

Hello everyone,

It is with great pleasure to announce that the Mahara user manual is now available in Japanese, including older versions of the user manual.

Masayuki Kuwada from the University of Electro-Communications undertook the immense job of translating the comprehensive manual that Mitsuhiro Yoshida, the Japanese Mahara Partner and overall Mahara software Japanese translator, had started.

Many thanks to Masayuki-san for his dedication to provide this resource to the Japanese community.




Mahara ユーザマニュアルが日本語で完全に利用できることをお知らせできるのをうれしく思います。電気通信大学の桑田正行氏の尽力に感謝します。 翻訳はもともと@mitstekによって開始されました。どうもありがとう!



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