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Server IP Address Changed - Links Contain the old Address

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19 December 2018, 0:49


We setup a Mahara Server (Ubuntu LTS Server) and used an IP address in out testing network, received from the DHCP server.

We then placed the server in the production network and set a new and static IP address.

I changed the value for wwwroot in the config table of the Mahara Database to h-t-t-p-:-/-/-<New-IP-Address>-/ and checked the value of wwwroot in the config.php (it is set to „“) and rebooted the server.

Mahara gets delivered and renders fine in the browser, but some links, like „Static Pages“ on the default home page, still link to the old IP address. I cleared the browser cache (no proxy involved), but the invalid link is still there. This is not only on one PC, but also on other machines.

Where is this old IP Address stored and how can I update it?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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20 December 2018, 22:08


Text such as the one in the "Static pages" is stored directly in the database as serialized data. Updating the wwwroot is not going to update the links in any text block automatically. These need to be updated manually or with the help of a script if you use direct links to Mahara pages or artefacts a lot in text blocks / journal entries etc.

Please see for more information.




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