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06 December 2018, 3:13


I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, sorry if this is not the place. Maybe some of these questions should be feature requests, but I am not sure.

All my questions are about the Legal (GDPR) functionnality, with the option "strict privacy" enabled.

  1. Is there a way to choose which admin is notified when users refuse the terms and conditions or the privacy statement?
    Because we have more than one site admin and would like only one of them to receive the notifications.
  2. When the account is suspended because the user refused the terms and conditions or privacy statement, I think there should be a way for the user to change his decision, without having to ask an admin to activate the account. For example, redirect the user to the legal page and change the switch to Yes. Is there a way  to do so?
  3. Is there a way to have only the terms and conditions and no privacy statement (or vice versa). With the "strict privacy" but only for one of the two sections? (Our University does not have to comply to the GDPR, but we would like our user to have to accept our terms and conditions).

Thank you,


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06 December 2018, 7:58

Hi Marie-Eve,

Currently there are no setting to do what you want, however for

1) If you wanted to make a customization to suit your needs then you can make the following change:

Find the function in 'htdocs/lib/institution.php' called:

And in that function is a line:

$admins = $this->admins();

You can change that to the id (or ids) of the users you want to get the emails, eg
- if you only want user with id = 7 to get the emails

$admins = array(7);

- if you want users id = 7 and id = 24 to get the emails then

$admins = array(7, 24);

2) As we would not be able to tell if the user made their decision on purpose or accidentally we will stick with them having to contact the admin.

3) To ignore privacy you could make the customization in 'htdocs/lib/user.php' to the function called:

And change the line:
 ORDER BY site, type", $params);


 AND s.type != 'privacy'
 ORDER BY site, type", $params);

That should then only fetch the terms and conditions info




07 December 2018, 7:35

Thank you for your answer! We will certainly try this!

Do you (or anyone else) know if there are plans to add some settings about these functionnalities? I found the "gdpr-phase2" blueprint but there is nothing about those kind of settings. I think it would be very useful to have more options and settings for the Legal page.

Thank you,


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08 December 2018, 8:16

Hello Marie-Eve,

We have not yet looked into a phase 2 for the GDPR. Many institutions are still catching up on the initial implementation and receive feedback on that from the community.




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