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Shared portfolios (not) visible - What's the logic behind it?

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05 December 2018, 2:23


I have a problem understanding the sharing of portfolios.
We have linked Moodle and Mahara and students are submitting portfolios via the Moodle assignment. Now, unfortunately, the release doesn't seem to work as I thought it would. Actually, all teachers of the Moodle course should be able to view the submitted portfolios automatically. But this doesn't work properly. I have now tried different scenarios, but have not yet discovered a consistent logic.
The prerequisite for all scenarios is that the submissions have not yet been evaluated:
a) Student submits portfolio, but does not share it additionally in Mahara. --> Portfolio (not) visible to all supervisors.
b) Student submits portfolio, additionally shares it in Mahara for the entire institution. --> Portfolio (not) visible to all advisors.
c) Student submits portfolio, additionally shares it in Mahara for individuals. --> Portfolio (not) visible to all advisors.

None of the scenarios can be reproduced regularly. Which setting do I overlook? Do you have an idea?

Many thanks and many greetings

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06 December 2018, 21:52


I enrolled two teachers to the moodle course, both have the same rights in moodle and mahara.

But unfortunately, they cannot see the same portfolios. Some are visible for the first teacher, some for the second.

Does mahara have a hiccup? I don't understand how the differences come about, although all settings are identical.
Any ideas? I am a bit desperate.

Many greetings, Kirsten

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08 December 2018, 8:08

Hi Kirsten,

I can't replicate the issue that you reported.

Using the Mahara assignment submission plugin for Moodle, a student submits their portfolio into a course with two editing teachers. Both can view the portfolio for grading. I could also still see the link in the Moodle gradebook after the grading had been completed and click the link as second instructor.

Someone may need to look at your setup directly in order to see what is going on. Certainly, when a portfolio is shared in Mahara for the entire institution will the instructors have access to it (as long as they are in that institution) and would need to look for it in Mahara. The link from the Moodle gradebook is a special one and is independent of the sharing permissions.




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04 January 2019, 20:48

Hi Kristina,

thank you very much for your explanations.
Obviously the students have deleted some of their submitted portfolios. At least that's how it looks in our database. Which portfolio is the old one, the deleted one and the submitted one, I haven't found out yet. And I don't yet know why one still has access to the other, but the other doesn't. We keep searching...
A happy new year and many greetings!

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15 January 2019, 20:22

I just want to add something in case I am not the only one who did not know this procedure yet.
It turned out that the students submitted the same portfolio in different Moodle assignments. This means that teachers can only access the last portfolio submitted via the Moodle assignment and can no longer see the portfolio in the older assignments (although it remains the same link / portfolio).
Many greetings

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