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Error when turning off a portfolio's copy permissions

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20 November 2018, 7:21

I'm running Mahara v.18.10 and I have a portfolio page that has been used as a template at my institution and has been copied by many students. We create a new template page every year, so I would like to turn off the ability to copy last year's template so students don't accidentally end up with the wrong one. However, every time I try to turn off copying on the portfolio's "Share" page, when I click the Save button I get an error message that says "Mahara: site unavailable. A nonrecoverable error occurred. This probably means you have encountered a bug in the system." I don't get the error when I turn off copying settings for a portfolio that hasn't already been copied by other users. Any ideas? Also, is there a way to view more in-depth error messages, or an error log somewhere that I can view?

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23 November 2018, 1:26

Hi Sam,

For security purposes, we do not print more explicit error messages to the screen on production sites. You can check your server error log for the actual error message that would provide more insight. You'll need to check your Apache settings in order to see where the error log is stored for your site.

If you can replicate the issue on a testing site, you can turn off production mode in the config.php file and then see errors directly on the screen. This setting should not be used on a production site though.




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