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17 November 2018, 22:49

Thanks everyone. This support in this forum has been tremendous. I appreciate.

  1. I've tried checking on how Mahara manages SEO and I've not found a source in reference to that, please a kind heart should lead me on. 
  2. Our students would be highly engaging in writing articles, blogs. I leant that the journal serves the same purpose, I would like an auto publish to the frontage like that of WordPress that once a blog is published it appears on the frontage, what's the setting to achieve this in Mahara?
  3. How do I add a social share, comment button to the journal page? Each student should share their journal/blog on social network sites.

Thanks. God bless.


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23 November 2018, 1:30

Hello Kehinde,

Mahara does not have an admin interface to manage SEO tags. You would need to set them at the moment in a template directly.

Auto-publishing of journal entries is not a core functionality at this stage and I'm not aware of a plugin performing that functionality.

Mahara does have a couple of plugins for sharing on social media: See but they may not be up to date for the version of Mahara that you are using. You could implement a new block that would allow the sharing via a platform where you can turn on / off many social media sites.




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