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Is user content site-specific or institution specific?

24 October 2018, 0:18

Dear All,


We are getting ready to upgrade to the latest version of Mahara and due to GDPR we can only have one institution. I did some testing and had a look at the code and my impression that if a user is an admin of Institution A, I remove her from Institution A, remove all other members and then delete the institution none of the user's content gets deleted even if it was all shared with Institution A members. Would this be correct (i.e. as long as we do not delete users, their content is still available)?



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24 October 2018, 9:01

Hi George,

User data is stored against the user.

So removing all users from an institution should be fine - the users will keep their data.

When an institution is deleted it also deletes and institutional pages/collections/artefacts associated with the institution, eg those things added via

- Administration -> Institutions -> Pages and collections

- Administration -> Institutions -> Files

and so those things will not be available for the user to view / copy anymore



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28 October 2018, 14:17

Hi George,

Yes, user content is not deleted as Robert wrote. Also, sharing permissions are not removed and neither is any group content. Creating institutions is for organizational purposes, but because Mahara is multitennanted the idea is that users can be moved between institutions without loosing their content and just changing affiliation and authentication method.

If some of your users are in two institutions and you remove them from one, you'll need to make sure that they then take on the authentication method of the remaining institution. You'll see easily if there are some stragglers in the then empty institution because if there are, you can't delete an authentication method and thus the institution.




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