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Integrate multiple Moodle to a single Mahara Institution

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20 October 2018, 23:34

Is it possible to assign multiple Moodle LMSa single Mahara Institution. Please note that it's an institution, not a Mahara installation.


21 October 2018, 20:14

I did not tested it, but for the connection from mahara to moodle you need to configure a XMLRPC-connection.

It might be possible to just configure multiple connections to different moodle-url.

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28 October 2018, 14:25

Hello Kehinde,

You can connect multiple Moodle installations to a single Mahara institution. What you can't do is connect one Moodle installation to multiple Mahara institutions using MNet. However, that is now possible with LTI, which is the authentication method for connecting an LMS to Mahara going forward.

While MNet is still available, if you want to go many Moodle to one Mahara institution and you want to use it for authentication purposes and assignment submission purposes only, then I'd suggest you look into LTI rather than using MNet. From Mahara 18.10 on (released just this past Thursday), the assignment submission can be done via LTI. Only if you also want to move content from Moodle to Mahara, e.g. forum posts, would you need MNet as we haven't yet looked into how we can accomplish that via web services.

Will the people in the multiple Moodle installations overlap? Will they always have the same username and email address when coming from the different Moodle installations? If you are using LTI, it should work out of the box because LTI checks on the email address. But you'd still need to give it a go.

If you use MNet, you would need the "usersuniquebyusername" configuration item as long as the usernames are the same of course.

You can find more info on LTI in the user manual.




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