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Grouping Institutions in Mahara

Kehinde Adeoya's profile picture
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20 October 2018, 23:26

In a model that I'm trying to implement I need to group Institutions and assign an admin to such a group. An example is Institutions-1, Institutions-2, etc. Can be grouped as grouped-A. Is it possible to achieve this with Mahara?

Thanks. Good bless.

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28 October 2018, 14:32

Hi Kehinde,

You cannot group institutions to larger entities. You could add the administrator to all institutions but that requires that people can be members in multiple institutions, which is not possible if you also need to turn on "Strict privacy". Alternatively, if the email address of the admin allows, you can set them up with multiple emails, e.g. admin+inst1@..., admin+inst2@... etc. Or you can give them site admin permissions.




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