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Friend Request Not Working Mahara 18.04.02

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13 September 2018, 6:37

We have a teacher with 2 pages of friend requests and when you go to page 2 to approve the request is refreshes and doesn't approve the request.  

This is a unique use case because her first 10 requests are from students who have graduated and the connection was never finalized and now we cannot delete these requests.  I wish as site admin we could just approve/deny/delete any and all connections like this.

I think this has the workings of a bug.  

I recorded a video and just uploaded this into my GDrive.  You can see the issue and maybe this better explains our issue.  It might be processing the video so just wait until you are able to view it.

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13 September 2018, 14:58

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for your report and the very clear video. That's been fantastic and easy to see what you are dealing with.

I tried to replicate the problem on (a bunch of friend requests from others both one page 1 and 2 and a bunch of requests that the user had made) because it sounded like a pagination issue like we've had in the past, but can't. When I delete a friend request or approve one from page 2 it does go through. I wonder if there might be an issue just with a JS file on your server in that section.

I created a wishlist item for revoking a friend request when a person doesn't accept or deny them:

When you say "left the institution", I assume that they are still on your site because when their account is deleted, the friend request does disappear. If you deleted students and still see their friend requests, then there'd be a bit more afoot on your instance that would need to be investigated. ;-)




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