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Mahara, Moodle integration using LTI.

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04 September 2018, 1:09

To the best of my knowledge I have followed the documentation here  - to use LTI to integrate into Mahara and Moodle. After selecting Mahara as an External tool for a course category in Moodle, and clicking the link, it returned a blank page.


Things that are not working:

1. The users created in Mahara are not able to login on Moodle.

2. The link created using LTI in Moodle Mahara intergation displayed a blank page - http://localhost/oltegapros/webservice/rest/server.php?wsfunction=module_lti_launch. I'm on localhost, so I'm presently not running on HTTPS, as both apps are on localhost, could that be the reason?

3. How do I import the created courses into Mahara?

Please i know this is as a result of knowledge gap as a newbie. Please help.

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05 September 2018, 16:16

Hello Kehinde,

To answer your questions.

1. Users created in Mahara cannot log into Moodle because they were not created via LTI or updated to use LTI as authentication method and have a remote username set. If you want existing users in Mahara to also use LTI, the best is to take a look at the account settings for an LTI user to match the authentication method and then also to know what the format of the "Username for external authentication" is to set that up. When a user comes from Moodle, Mahara does need to keep that connection and thus needs that additional username (remoteuser) in order to distinguish it from existing users in Mahara that were not created via LTI.

2. You need https for LTI to work. If you are on test site, please use the config parameter "productionmode = false" as that displays error messages directly on screen making troubleshooting easier.

3. Courses cannot be imported via LTI into Mahara. You would either need to set up a web services connection or create a CSV file to upload to Mahara. For the latter, see the user manual.




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