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Share Views not possible after update to 18.04.2

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21 August 2018, 3:19

Dear all


I need your help. After I updated our mahara to 18.04.2, we are not able to share pages. When I edit a page and click on "Share", I am not able to make a choice after choosing users for example. Nothing happens if I click on friends neither. Somehow it is like if the feature of sharing is deactivated.

Is the an option I have to set that enbles sharing on mahara? Or can it be because of a wrong version of php?

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards


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22 August 2018, 11:15

Hi Abdel,

Can you please provide more information, e.g. the version of PHP that you are using? What version were you on before when it still worked? Do you see any errors in the error log? Do you have JavaScript enabled?




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22 August 2018, 19:09

Hi Kritina


Thanks for your reply. I updated from Mahara version 17.10.1 to 18.04.2. I am using PHP version 7.0.11. I have tried different PHP version (5.x). The problem still persists. I am running Mahara on a windows server with IIS 7.5.

Can you tell, where I can find the error log file in Mahara's Root Directory or where I can check for errors? JavaScript ist actually enabled on my browser.

I have installed a new Mahara instance with the same version 18.04.2 (not an update). And there the sharing feature is functioning without problems. Somehow something happened during the update. To update I used the precedure unter

I appreciate any hint, you can give me, as my users are getting impatient.

Thanks in advance.


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