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Automating collection copying and sharing

31 July 2018, 5:22

Dear All,

I have a controlled group of about eighty students and I want to share a collection with them. I would like each of them to make a copy of the collection and share it back with me. It looks like this can be done by sharing the collection with the group and allowing copying and the owner retaining viewing rights, but I would like to check whether this can be automated so that students just log in and everything is set up for them. Would that be a possibility?



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01 August 2018, 16:28

Hi George,

This is not quite possible yet. You can only copy portfolios automatically into people's accounts when they are set up on the institution or site level and the account is created anew.

However, there is going to be functionality in Mahara 18.10, which will allow you to copy a portfolio into existing group members' accounts automatically. Please see if you want to give backporting to your version of Mahara a go (or you'll wait until late October 2018). This will allow you to set up a portfolio and then share it with all existing group members. So not directly the copying when they enter the group, but still a good step forward I would think esp. since you can roll out any other future portfolio to all group member.




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