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Annotation Limit on Page

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26 July 2018, 1:05

Dear Support

I have a smartevidence framework which has  around 1000 standards.

The standards are linked to one page. It seems that there is a limit to how may annotation blocks can be associated with any single page thus no more annotations are able to be added.

Is there a way to increase the amount of annotation blocks that can be displayed/stored on a page?



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01 August 2018, 16:33

Hi James,

How many annotations were you able to put on a page? Are you planning on putting all 1,000 on it? Would it be possible for you to break up the evidence over multiple pages so that it's easier to find the evidence that corresponds to the standards? Or would it be possible to break up the standards into individual SmartEvidence maps according to logical units to make them more manageable? We had not designed SmartEvidence to work with that many standards and thus you might have hit a limit (not saying that it can't be overcome, but that would be a wishlist item rather than a bug ;-) ).




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