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Controls for add/remove columns on page edit

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20 July 2018, 2:31


There is a setting "Show controls to add and remove columns when editing a page" that each user has.  I could have sworn I had set the site default to Yes after an upgrade some time ago but now I can't find it anywhere.  Is there an admin setting anywhere?  We're upgrading to 18.04 but are a hosted site so I don't have access to the code.




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20 July 2018, 9:40

Hi Marion,

There is no global setting for this value to make it the default for all users in the site.

But there are 3 places where we can change it for each user:

  • The users can change it by themselves in User menu -> Settings -> Settings
  • An admin user can create a new user in Admin menu->Users->Add user then click on general account options link
  • An admin user can create new users from a file in Admin menu->Users->Add user by CSV and click on General options

In this last option you can set the add/remove columns value for many users when uploading them, but that does not make it the default when creating new users in the future. Probably this is the one you used before.

Hope this information helps.



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20 July 2018, 20:50

Hi Cecilia, thanks for that.

I think I might have followed Dirk's suggestion here:  (I did used to have access).



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