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SSO Moodle/Mahara is not working anymore

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28 June 2018, 20:24

Hey there,

I am using Mahara 16.10.4 and I am facing the problem of not being able to sign in into mahara from Moodle,

This is the error that I am receiving, 

Any idea ?



[Thu Jun 28 11:14:22.033999 2018] [:error] [pid 3554] [client] [WAR] a2 (api/xmlrpc/client.php:122) Time drift (0, 520) is too large., referer:
[Thu Jun 28 11:14:22.034052 2018] [:error] [pid 3554] [client] Call stack (most recent first):, referer:
[Thu Jun 28 11:14:22.034057 2018] [:error] [pid 3554] [client] * Client->send(string(size 25)) at /var/www/html/eportfolio/auth/xmlrpc/lib.php:103, referer:
[Thu Jun 28 11:14:22.034059 2018] [:error] [pid 3554] [client] * AuthXmlrpc->request_user_authorise(string(size 40), string(size 25)) at /var/www/html/eportfolio/auth/xmlrpc/land.php:78, referer:
[Thu Jun 28 11:14:22.034086 2018] [:error] [pid 3554] [client] , referer:

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28 June 2018, 22:27

Hello Mario,

did you read the first line of the error message? It says:

...Time drift (0,520) is too large...

If Moodle and mahara are running on different machines, then the clocks do not match. Or the clock is completely wrong.

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04 July 2018, 9:06

Hello Mario,

In the case of time drift, usually it helps to restart the Moodle server (I guess the Mahara server would do as well, but we usually restarted a Moodle server) and then all worked again.




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