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Embedding a reading list into Moodle

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21 June 2018, 19:33


I was wondering whether anyone could help. It's not quite a Moodle question but it does kind of relate to it.

I am using a Mahara portfolio for my studies and wanted to integrate my references developed through my university's online reading list system - Leganto.

It's easily done in Moodle - there is a specific block developed for Moodle that embeds the whole online reading list or just a section of it.

So I was wondering whether any of the Mahara blocks might be able to do this. Either the Media or External sections? I've tried to experiment but haven't been able to work it out.

I could just add a link but it's just a link - I wanted to know if there's a way of embedding a website/part of a website effectively into Mahara.

Many thanks



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26 June 2018, 22:46

Hi Kevin,

The Leganto video didn't show an option to share / embed a reading list. In your instance of Leganto, do you have that available? If you do and it is an iframe, you could whitelist that iframe in your Mahara instance and embed reading lists.

If there is no iframe, a plugin could be created to allow the adding of Leganto reading lists.

The Moodle plugin mentions LTI. At the moment Mahara does not support that integration. While we can use LTI for authentication purposes (and soon for assignment submission), Mahara would be at the same level as Leganto: A link can be placed in the LMS to Mahara / Leganto. However, we can't yet link from Mahara to Leganto.




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