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Call for comments for re-organizing navigation menu items

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18 June 2018, 8:52


The Mahara core team at Catalyst in Wellington conducted a number of user interviews at the end of last year, and based on the feedback we've received we are looking into making changes over the next releases in order to make Mahara easier to use.

One of the changes that we are looking into is the structure of the main menu and user menu navigation. The last revision of these was in 2011 if I remember correctly for Mahara 1.4.

For the proposed changes we would combine the "Content" and "Portfolio" sections as they both pertain to the creation of the portfolio. Group-related content would stay in its own section, and a new "Tools" section is introduced for the export and import of a portfolio.

Please take a look at the proposed changes at and let us know what you think.

Thank you



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18 July 2018, 20:49

Kia ora koutou,

I've received a couple of replies. Thank you very much to Shane and a Swiss team. I have the permission from Shane to re-post his comment:

Hi Kristina, some feedback from a team member here:
"Not much feedback except I do think that moving 'Friends' under the 'People' sub-heading might be slightly confusing for existing users. I think if I were using the Friends function, it would not be completely intuitive to me that it lives under 'People' (thought this could just be me).

Consolidating 'My Groups' and 'Find Groups' into just 'Groups' is a great idea though, as are all the other menu changes."

Personally I agree accept I think that Friends does fit under the People sub heading :)
Cheers and thank you for continually improving Mahara for us!
The gist from the others is:
  1. "Create" and "Engage" as categories are good, but "Tools" not so much. The suggestion was to rename it to "Manage my data".
    Response: We'll rename it to "Manage" to make it consistent and have verbs only. I can't remember why we did not select "Manage" in the first place.
  2. Create a sub menu "Shared pages / collections" under "Engage" and collate "Shared by me" and "Shared with me" as sub items.
    Response: It's a good idea to move "Shared by me" to "Engage" as it is not really anything that is created like the other menu items. And access can still be given via the "Manage access" icon on "Pages and collections". However, we'll not put these two items into a sub menu as they are frequently used and thus I'd like to avoid the extra click.
  3. To include "Topics" in a new "Groups" sub menu item.
    Response: I'll park this for the moment because for Mahara 18.10, we are only looking into re-ordering the menu items but not combining some. For the follow-on version for which we suggested to combine "My groups" and "Find groups" into one screen, we would only have the "Groups" menu item. Then having "Topics" as a sub item would be missing a second sub item. This is something to still think about.

What do you think?




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