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Best Organization Scheme for Assessment of Portfolios.

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21 May 2018, 5:19

Thanks for your help, in advance!

My school is implementing eportfolios as part of our general education and we've adopted Mahara.  Students taking courses in the general education will have particular assessments that are to be submitted to the portfolio.  We'll assess those portfolio entries (according to rubrics we have developed) to measure whether the gen ed is doing what we claim is will do.

There will be 9 artifacts that students must submit as part of this portfolio because there are 9 categories (critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, etc.) in which the students must support their progress by evidence (i.e., their artifacts).  

What is the best way to extract specific items from the eportfolio to assess?  For example, if we want to download all of the artifacts associated with quantitative reasoning, what's the best way to do that? Do we need to build templates into which students categorize their own works? Can they tag simply tag their entries appropriately?

Thanks, in advance, for your help!



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21 May 2018, 7:57

Hello Jon,

Often, portfolio pages are created according to a category. If that is done, you can print a portfolio page if you'd like to keep all content. Unfortunately, that does not download associated files that are made available via the portfolio. These would need to be downloaded one by one or if the "Folder" blocktype is used all at once.

While Mahara does not have a bulk download to get all artefacts on a particular topic across all students, you could look into at least seeing all artefacts tagged with a specific tag for a single student (as long as you have the permission to view the associated portfolios).

This will be possible from Mahara 18.10 (October 2018 release) on thanks to a new feature sponsored by PHBern:

If you are on Mahara 18.04, you should be able to backport it as it was merged into Mahara master shortly after the 18.04 release when the code had not moved on much yet. If you need help with the backporting, please let me know.




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27 August 2018, 4:17

Hi! We have an similar goal.

Graduates build their portfolios over 4-5 years. When the allow examiner to evaluate them, they do that by giving examiners access to a page were the student gathered the journal entry's he or she want to represent their work.


Now, if approved, we need to "freeze" that page since it is an artifact of examination, sort off. What would be Your procedural suggestion?!

Leap it if copy allowed -  from 18.04 is possible.

But if we have 16.10.3  ?  ( Yes , we will upgrade very soon ----:)    )


Best Regards, Niklas

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29 August 2018, 8:47

Niklas and I talked last night / morning, and the best solution was the archiving of submissions made to a group, which is available in Mahara 16.10.

An archive is made whenever the examiner releases the page before it is given back to the student thus keeping a copy of what had been submitted. The files can be removed from the server on a regular basis and stored off site or if needed imported into a Mahara instance as it's a Leap2A export.

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07 November 2018, 13:34

Thank you, Kristina! 

I've read your post multiple times (since MAY!) and realized that I had not responded. 

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