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Two institutions, but only one access from Moodle

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22 April 2018, 22:20

I have created separate institutions for teachers and students in Mahara.

If I want to allow Moodle's SSO access to Mahara now, then that will only work for the first of the two institutions. At the second institution there is the error message "WWW root is already being used by another institution."

What should I do? Is there a work around? Or do I have to reunite the two institutions? Is it not a good idea to make two institutions?


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23 April 2018, 4:04

Excuse me.


I have just found the solution in this forum.


It is exactly one line below.

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23 April 2018, 5:59

Hello Kristina,

after watching your video, much has become clear to me about LTI.

Compared to MNet you can connect to several institutions. That's a big advantage. But with MNet it is possible to submit views or collections as task solutions in Moodle. Does this work with LTI? Or does LTI only work with SSO?

 I still do not know if we should include students and teachers in different institutions. What do you mean?

You have described a workaround when using MNet, but still want to use multiple institutions. With us the registration happens via LDAP. This would automatically put teachers and students in their institution. If we use your workaround, then teachers and students are first in the same institution and then they have to register themselves in their proper institution. And then they have to be admitted. Have I understood that correctly? Is not that a bit complicated?


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24 April 2018, 7:42

Hello Ralph,

It is correct that you can only connect one Moodle to one Mahara instance. It is not possible to hook two Mahara institutions sitting on the same Mahara instance to one Moodle. That is a limitation of the MNet implementation. The workaround is not elegant, but would work.

Now that we have LTI available, there wouldn't be a workaround needed because you can connect to multiple institutions on Mahara with LTI. It gets a bit trickier if you also want to log in via LDAP. We do have new functionality in review to allow LDAP to be the parent authority of LTI so that there is no manual intervention necessary. However, it's proving more difficult than anticipated to getting it to work correctly. It's not a problem if you use SAML auth. That has already been possible to set up as parent auth since Mahara 17.10.

I think it could work - at the moment without having LDAP as parent auth - if you set up two institutions and two links in your LMS to Mahara: One for students and one for teachers. It's not elegant, but I can't think of a better way to resolve this right now if you want to have them in separate institutions.

LTI does not yet allow for the submission of portfolios. However, we are working on that. Please see for the latest update.




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