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Give access to a portolio to someone from outside the institution

10 February 2018, 5:56


We are using Mahara 16.10 with SSO authentication.  The portfolios of our students consist of several collections and a block displaying the collections is added to the profile page of the student.  How can the student share his entire portfolio with someone outside the institution without sharing it with the public?

Thanks !


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12 February 2018, 17:11

Hello Stephanie,

You can share a portfolio via a secret URL with people who do not have an account. In contrast to sharing it publicly, the link needs to be distributed via email for example of others to know the URL.

Please see for more information.




13 February 2018, 3:24

Thanks Kristina,

We do use secret URL but our students portfolio are built with several collections that we make available via the profile page.  This profile page is public for members of the institution and the collections will appear on the profile page depending on the sharing rights assigned by the student. A student can share a collection via the secret URL but how can he share his entire portfolio ? 

Thanks for your help


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22 February 2018, 8:59

Hello Stéphanie,

They would need to share the other collections also via separate secret URLs if those needing to view the portfolios do not have an account on your Mahara site. Currently, it is not possible to set up one secret URL for multiple collections or the profile page and then have all collections included.




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