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Microsoft OneDrive for Business integration issue

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31 January 2018, 4:55

Hi there,

We would like to integrate Mahara with Microsoft OneDrive for Business but we are discovering some issues.

The plugin is available via plugins list called cloud/microsoftdrivebiz

We provided Client ID, Client secret that cames from




and we got a few errors



Template "list.tpl" could not be found in any of your include path(s)








Can you help with this please? Is there anything else we should change in our end?

Maybe MS API settings or special permissions are required?








Kristina Hoeppner's profile picture
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31 January 2018, 7:44

Hello Rafal,

With which version of Mahara are you trying to use the plugin?




Rafal Zerlak's profile picture
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31 January 2018, 23:19

thanks for getting back to me Kristina.

Our Mahara version is 17.04.4 



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01 February 2018, 10:42

Rafal hi.

I have created the Cloud plugin and I have just tested it on Mahara 17.04 version.

It works for me. Can we have a private chat or something to go through all settings
in case some of your settings on Microsoft Application Portal are different than mine.

Please get in tocuh with me via Twitter (@anzeljg) or email (gregor.anzelj at

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Gregor Anželj

Rafal Zerlak's profile picture
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01 February 2018, 22:35

hi Gregor,

already emailed you. ping me when you are ready.

many thanks


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