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Referring to group pages in individual portfolio

26 January 2018, 20:26

Hi there,

I was wondering if it is in any way possible to refer to group pages in you individual portfolio without actually adding them to you portfolio itself. I am working with students who on the one hand will work on a group assignment together in a controlled group, and on the other hand will make en individual portfolio in which they will learn to reflect upon their group assignment and their role as educators in society. I want them to be able to refer to the group assignment when they are reflecting without actually adding the content. Rather I want them to create a link that guides the tutor (who is also tutor in the group) to the content that they are speaking of.



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03 February 2018, 20:04

Hello Melissa,

You can put links to your group pages into a text block on a personal page and thus reference the group page easily. Please note though that if the group page is not shared with the person who views the personal page in any way then they will not have access to that group page.




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