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Using Smartevidence for progress on multiple portfolio's

24 January 2018, 3:25

Hey everyone,


One of the experiments that I will start in February, is using Mahara for visualizing the learning process of a small group of students during  their pedagogical internship in their third bachelor year. Each student will document their internship with an individual portfolio that is attached to a Smartevidence competency framework. This framework will be used to visualise which competencies the students have worked on during their internship.

The ultimate purpose is to re-use the portfolio they have made in their bachelor year for their internship two years later, in their master. I suppose that, for this new internship, it is best to let the students make a new portfolio, next to the 'older' one?

And here comes my ultimate question: Is there a possibility to link the feedback of the Smartevidence framework they have in their bachelorinternship, to the one that will be used for their portfolio in their master internship, so that the Smartevidence framework gives an overall look on how students evolved from bachelor to master?

Thank you!


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24 January 2018, 12:40

Hello Melissa,

That is a great scenario you describe. Right now it can't be done in SmartEvidence as each collection stands on its own, but it would be great to link collections and therefore have portfolios separate, but still show the connection to earlier learning.




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