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12 January 2018, 23:45


We have major problems with the operation of authentification: some users are suddenly connected to the wrong account. This occurs randomly.

Have you ever observed this behavior? Do you have a solution?

We use CAS and Mnet, moodle 3.1 and mahara 17.04

I upgrade the CAS plugin yesterday with a version 17.04 stable. Do you think that can solve the problem?

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15 January 2018, 10:32

Hello Murielle,

The first thing to check is if CAS is the parent authentication method to MNet. Secondly, check that all students have CAS as their authentication method (if it is the parent one in your institution). If that is not the case, you should fix up the user accounts manually, give them the correct authentication method and things work again.

This is easier to accomplish if the usernames in CAS and MNet are the same. If they aren't, it'll be tricky to bring in accounts from Moodle and also connect them to CAS.




18 January 2018, 22:40

Hi Kristina,


What do you mean by "parent authentication method to MNet" ?

Our students first connect to Moodle with CAS authentication method, then they follow the Mahara server link to be redirected to Mahara with MNet.

In our Mahara configuration, XMLRPC is configured as the authentication method for the Moodle students instance. So all our students have this XMLRPC authentication method referenced in `usr` table.


Thanks for your help.


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19 January 2018, 13:47

Hello Murielle,

Thank you for the info. Does that mean that you only have MNet set up as authentication method for your students in Mahara? It sounded like you also have CAS set up from your intial question.

If you want your students to be able to log in via Moodle but also via the Mahara homepage, you would set up CAS on Mahara and then set it as parent authentication method for MNet to chain the authentication methods.

If you only have CAS set up on Moodle but not Mahara and your students use MNet and the usernames haven't changed and they used to have a remote username in Mahara because they accessed Mahara via MNet before, I don't know what might be causing the problem.




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