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Users : first time login - required fields => how to adjust?

09 January 2018, 3:34

Hello everyone,


I am currently just starting to get to know Mahara and want to try it out on a small group of students at the University of Ghent. I am trying to get to know all the different settings. When I create a new user, all goes well, but when I try to log in as that user (to try it out), I have all these 'required' fields that I have to fill in in order to proceed, such as 'Introduction' and 'student number'. I want to delete there requirements but have no idea how I can do this! Can anyone help?

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09 January 2018, 9:28

Hello Melissa,

Did you tick all these fields in the "Extensions" -> Profile information?


If so, unticking the options would not make these fields required and thus not ask for them upon login.




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