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Mahoodle and Changing to SSL

21 November 2017, 22:41


in the last days we have to change to SSL to provide Moodle-Authentification via Office 365 to our students. On Moodle this changes were made and working fine.


Mahara didn't recognize Moodle any more, because of his new different URL I guess. What can we do to reestablish the Mahoodle-Funktionality?

Last time we had a URL-change, all users got a new and empty Mahara Account and didn't see their ePortfolios any more. It takes 2 days to repair. I do not need this action again... ;-)

We are searching for the simple and secure way to realize this protocoll-change.



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22 November 2017, 6:16

Hello Johannes,

The public key for Moodle changed when you changed the URL and thus the wwwroot. Thus, the cert that Mahara has for Moodle doesn't match anymore and since the wwroot changed, it can't pull it automatically as it's like having a new wwwroot.

You'll need to rotate the key in Moodle in the section "Networking" and then paste it into the MNet authentication in Mahara and also change the wwwroot for Moodle there. If all you changed was adding an SSL cert, then you'll need to simply switch the protocol to SSL, paste the new public key and you should be good to go again.




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