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Profile page and Dashboard page

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20 November 2017, 16:08


I'm posting this idea in the forum to see what people in this forum think.

What I'm proposing is to not list the "Profile page" and "Dashboard page" under the Portfolio -> Pages area in Mahara. When I run tutorials with students, I always try to spend some time to explain what they are. However, I still have students mistakenly using Profile page as their portfolio page and develop contents on the page. What makes it worse is when the contents are supposed to be private. 

I understand these two pages have been under the Pages list for as long as Mahara was first developed over 10 years ago. In the first few versions, the Pages list area is the only place where you can edit your dashboard page and profile page. Now in Mahara, you have the "Edit" option on these two pages and you can edit them directly from those two pages. In this case, I feel that listing these two pages under the "Pages" list is redundant and confusing.

What do you think?

Kind regards,


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20 November 2017, 18:58

Hi Shen,

I agree, it is a bit confusing there are these 2 special pages that don't work like the others listed in one's pages and collections section.

If we are to remove them from the list then we will need to:

When editing Dashboard via the 'edit dashboard' link on homepage we would need to return to hide the 'Return to pages and collections' button (Just have the 'Display page' one)

When on Profile page we would need to change the 'Edit this page' button to 'Edit profile' and again hide the 'Return to pages and collections' button when editing profile.



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21 November 2017, 7:31

Hi Shen,

I can agree with the dashboard page as we do have the edit button there.

The profile page is a slightly different case though as you can set permissions for that page and don't have to have it shared with all registered users, but can be more specific if your site allows that, e.g. share publicly or share just with your institution. Thus, seeing that page in the "Edit access" list is a good thing as you can easily see with whom it has been shared.

Maybe we could give it a special background in the list of pages and collections like we do with the templates in the site admin area to differentiate it a bit more?




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21 November 2017, 12:10

Shen is onto an improvement from the user perspective/experience with the dashboard. Profile could have a different background so as to distinguish a somewhat different function from other pages and collections.

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