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SmartEvidence and Collections

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08 November 2017, 5:29


I am just getting to grips with SmartEvidence and I have a question about the pages within the collection. Is it possible to select which pages of a collection you want to include in the SmartEvidence map or does it only use all of the pages in the collection by default? 

The reason I ask is that I am building a framework but some of the pages in the collection do not need any evidence matched against the framework, however it is still important that it is included in the collection. These pages are now taking up columns on the SmartEvidence map that aren't really needed. 

Thanks for your help. 

Newman University, Birmingham, UK. 

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09 November 2017, 14:16

Hello Anna,

Great that you are exploring SmartEvidence. It's nice to see a lot of the UK sites being upgraded now for the new academic year. :-)

Currently, all pages that are in a collection are displayed in the SmartEvidence map. If you don't want certain ones to be shown, you could - if possible - move them to the end so that they aren't taking up space when you first get to the map.

We haven't thought about not showing certain pages in the SmartEvidence map because by them showing up there, it's clear what pages are in a collection. I wonder if students and assessors would question what happened to the pages that aren't shown on the evidence map overview page if they were hidden and could only be reached via the drop-down menu / and collection navigation buttons.

What do your students and assessors say?




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09 November 2017, 22:29

Thanks Kristina, 

Good tip to move the pages. I understand what you are saying but in the collections that are used here, there are some pages of information in the collection which is important for the student to have but these arent the pages where any evidence is collected so it seems a little pointless in the map. 

I havent shown this to any tutors or students yet as I am in the process of putting together an example to show how SmartEvidence could work for them. Something for us to think about. :) 

Thanks for the reply. 


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