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Problems with upload folder selection

21 October 2017, 17:22

I am using the iOS and the Android App in various different configurations (iOS 9, 10; Android 4.2 - Android 6).

The most used function is uploading e.g. of Screenshots at this time.

Selecting the target folder for uploading is working most of the time for most of the students, failing

1) Sometimes: when trying to set an upload folder (e.g. Pictures) a tap on the save icon leaves the field empty. Consequently the error message "upload folder not set" is shown, no upload is possible. This happens for one user (iOS 9)

2) Permanently: when creating a new folder in Mahara this new folder is not shown in the app. I do not know when this updating should occur but at this time it seems to be never. This seems to happen for all users and all versions.

The apps are up to date at this time (21st of October 2017), Mahara is 17.04.2.

Are there possibilities to debug/investigate this further?

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24 October 2017, 16:18

Hello Hermann,

Thank you for reporting the issues. We are going to release a new version of Mahara Mobile shortly (version 1.4), which should resolve the first problem.

We don't have a solution for the second one at the moment. You would need to log out and log back in. I created an issue on Github:




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