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Collection or page submitted for assessment to group doesn't show

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17 October 2017, 2:48

Hi all,

In one of our Mahara instances (17.04), I've set up a group to allow for collection and page submissions for assessment, as was described in the manuals. I've tested the following with a student in this group:

submit a collection or page to the group for assessment -> accept and continue

The submission shows up in my Dashboard, but not in the Group I set up for this. The manual is clear about these submissions showing up in the group itself, but I cannot make that work.

Any clues on what I've missed?

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17 October 2017, 3:37

Apparently, there was a bug in 15.x and 16.x reported on Launchpad, but I can't seem to find how this has been solved in our 17.04 installation.

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17 October 2017, 8:49

Hello Joost,

When a newer version is not listed on Launchpad and the fix was released before that newer version existed, the fix is in the newer version of Mahara.

There is another fix at that we did after the original one. So you'll need to check if you are on 17.04.3. If not, please apply that security update or at minimum the patch and see if that resolves your problem.




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