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cant restore my institution session from yesterday using Leap2A

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11 October 2017, 5:08


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11 October 2017, 9:49

Hello David,

Am I assuming correctly that you exported a Leap2A file from the demo site? If so, it would only export your personal portfolios and artefacts but not any institution settings. Currently, institution settings can't be exported through Mahara. Leap2A is the export format for portfolios, but not an entire site.




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12 October 2017, 0:42

yes, i exported a Leap2A file from the demo site.  So if i spend a lot of time building a test institution site then i cant continue my testing past 8pm when you reset the site.. this is a bummer for serious testers.. Sothereis no way to backup all my data and restart after 8pm? 

if so this should be made more clear on the site about the leap2a instructions as I especially wanted my users and their roles i was testing as tutors, students etc.. sigh...

another questions.. is there a way for me to see the raw html that the editor is making so i can past in html and switch back to the visual view and the html view?

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12 October 2017, 8:43

Hi David,

To answer your question about the editor and viewing the HTML.

1) Click on the downward pointing 'V' arrow left of the 'Paragraph' option

2) Click on the '<>' icon, the last icon on the last row

That should give you a modal popup with the html of the editor contents.

Note: Not all HTML will be accepted, and will be stripped out on saving, but all the more common tags should be OK to use



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