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setting up an institution

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07 October 2017, 5:14

where is the best place to see examples of setting up a institution so I can see how mahara supports our institutional structure?  i looked at the manual and ther is a lot of good detail but not an overview of how to set up courses/classes/discussion groups and learning groups/teacher roles/coach roles/mentor roles etc..

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13 October 2017, 10:11

Hello David,

Mahara institutions are just a thin layer of administration. The primary reasons for institutions on Mahara are to:

  • Group people
  • Have a different theme
  • Decide who can be admin, staff, members
  • Make certain settings

Since Mahara is focused on the learner and supporting their development, it is not very organisation-centric. An LMS is typically better suited to set up hierarchies etc. In Mahara you would set up groups in which students / instructors can be enrolled. You can use web services to export groups and users from an LMS to make the work flow between the two simpler and not having to set up the same details on both sides.




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