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Table Borders Not Displaying

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30 September 2017, 1:47


When users add tables with borders using the editor throughout Mahara the borders are not appearing within the tables.

This happens with 17.04.1 and 17.04.3 Mahara versions.

Just carried out a test and it's happening in here too:

One Two
Three Four
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04 October 2017, 8:38

Hi Ali,

When I initially tested your find I too thought it was a bug. But it turns out it is a UI issue with TinyMCE itself (a third party plugin we use to allow WYSIWYG editing)

Because we set up the editor with "table_style_by_css: true" it means the table properties form expects valid css input.


But the same form is used for when 'table_style_by_css' is either on or off so the form is not obvious that for table border you need to do:

2px solid;

rather than:


Here is an example of a table with a border that I made via the table properties form:

One Two
Three Four


It turns out the fields just fill in/update the Advanced -> Style field with CSS so one can just put the styles in there directly to save time



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Posts: 145

09 October 2017, 21:47

Hi Robert

Thanks, this works for us.




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01 December 2017, 3:20

Hi Robert,

When I put in the table border as you say, I only get the outer line, but not the borders around the cells. And when we enter it as table cell borders, it's removed directly in 17.10.

How did you manage?





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09 March 2018, 0:39


I have had the same issue. In 17.04 the only way to get the table borders is to edit the HTML. The border colour is always stripped in the HTML when entered in the table properties.

I tried on 17.10 on and find the same issue! I've tried to add images but as a new user it won't let me submit with them in the post.

Is this issue likely to be fixed?





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09 March 2018, 7:35

Hello Kerry,

We haven't found a good solution of resolving this yet as it's an issue in the user interface of TinyMCE. According to the last note on the plugin is being re-written. I put it on my ToDo list to write some instructions in the user manual on how to get around things in the interim.




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