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SmartEvidence - annotations

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14 September 2017, 20:42


We upgraded to v 17.04 yesterday so I've had a chance to play with SmartEvidence.  I've created a matrix and uploaded it, associated it with a collection of pages.  I have a test student account which has a copy of the collection.  Technically, everything worked great but I think I must have misunderstood how SmartEvidence works.

 I had expected that tutors (only) would be editing the framework, adding annotations etc but I find that the student account also can.  I need to experiment a bit more but I don't see how this can be used for assessment?



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21 September 2017, 9:51

Hi Marion,

Fantastic that you are getting started with SmartEvidence.

It's always the student who adds an annotation as they need to explain why they think that a particular portfolio page fits a standard. A teacher can then do the assessment and leave feedback on the annotation.

I did a quick demo of the SmartEvidence work flow (not self-assessment as it needed to be a short demo for the MaharaIRL user group meeting on Tuesday):




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