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Image Block Goes Straight to Mobile Camera

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09 September 2017, 0:03


When our users access Mahara through their Smartphone, edit a page and use the Image block they are sent directly to their camera and can't access their images. This is definitely the case with an iPhone, not too sure about Android.

Using Mahara 17.04.1




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13 October 2017, 11:06

Hello Ali,

Did you have another crack at it?

I do get the same result, but on Android, I can get into my albums more easily and select a photo. The second time I wanted to upload a photo on iOS, I did get a choice though to select the camera, iCloud or an album. So maybe it's a bit related to how long you are on the button.

We did not customize this functionality to my knowledge and just hook into mobile. I think this is standard behavior when on a mobile device that you get the camera first. I didn't find a way to go into an album when in camera mode in iOS, but it did work eventually via the upload button that I could choose the location.




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