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Missing images in the static page "Home" for logged-in users

07 September 2017, 23:27

Hi All,

I wonder whether this issue is still affecting people. 

I see it was logged as a bug long ago (

The issue is that images on the static Home page (aka Dashboard) do not always appear to logged in users. However, they always appear to logged in users with admin permissions.  The issue as we see it seems to be intermittent which makes it difficult to sort out. Sometimes the images will be present, other times they won't. When they do not appear the name of image appears in text form.

We are self hosting and on version 17.04.2 (up to date).

Bob Ridge-Stearn
Newman University, Birmingham UK


Kristina Hoeppner's profile picture
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21 September 2017, 9:54

Hello Bob,

In which folder do you have the image? I suspect that it's not in "public". Please see - item #16 in the screenshot. You will need to give more access to site files.




21 September 2017, 23:26

Hi Kristina,

Thanks for getting back to me.  I think we checked this but I am going to  ask my colleague James Bradshaw, who was dealing with it to comment further.

Best wishes,


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22 September 2017, 8:10

Hi Bob

There is also this patch for the bug to try

It handles embedded images in the static pages better so that it should allow users to see the image if it's not in "public" directory without having to allow all files to be visible to users.

Please give that a try as well



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26 September 2017, 4:34

Hi all


Thanks for the responses.


We tried adding the images in the public folder. My hunch is that it is a database issue following an upgrade. The database still has the old images and is somehow causing the conflict when trying to add new images.

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