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Archiving the students' portfolio

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10 August 2017, 13:44

From time to time, the department needs to archive students' work for auditing. 

I have investigated the "archiving on releasing submission to group" function in Mahara, and find it not exactly what we want, and would like to know if anyone could help. 

What we need are a way to:

  1. Automatically archive the submissions as group pages or files in groups, or
  2. Automatically archive the submissions in a place available to the administrator of the group,...

...where group admin could download or print out for auditing.


Really hope someone could help with this, or if this is not currently available, point me to a place for function request.


Thanks heaps



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18 August 2017, 7:53

Hello Ken,

Your second idea sounds like the best one in my opinion as you can keep the portfolio as close as possible to what a student submitted. If you choose to archive it directly in a group, some content may be lost as it doesn't exist in a group, e.g. plans or resumes. Furthermore, you'd probably have to establish a way of distinguishing between active group portfolios and archived ones.

In the case of your second idea, we can tap into the existing archiving functionality and display the results not just to the institution / site admins but also group admins.

You can file a wishlist item in our tracker via or we can discuss what would be involved to make this feature happen for you.




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