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Help! Content disapeared

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07 July 2017, 18:03

Dear All,

I have got a very strange case. My colleague has created a page in Mahara and saved. But after she shared to publish, the content disappeared. My colleague said there's no other people know her account. I want to check the edit logs, but I can't find where to check logs. Could you please help me?

Many thanks.



Kristina Hoeppner's profile picture
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09 July 2017, 14:55

Hello Lina,

You would need to check the access logs in the location that you specified in the Apache configuration for your site. Please see's_Guide/Installing_Mahara#Apache_Configuration for more information.

If nobody logged into her account, you can also consult the database and see what blocks are associated with that page. If there are more than are shown then you might have encountered a bug and further investigation would be needed. Before that, please make sure to be on the latest minor point release for your version of Mahara though. We had fixed a few of the content disappearing issues over the last year an thus being on a recent version and the latest minor point release would be beneficial.




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