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01 June 2017, 0:41

Hoping Mahara users can join in with this online discussion about use of e-portfolios 

I will be moderating it, looking forward to a lively discussion about how and why e-portfolios are used in learning. 

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01 June 2017, 9:10

Thanks for letting us know, Teresa. I couldn't see a registration link for the session. Will the chat simply appear on the page or have a link once it's live and you are logged in?




01 June 2017, 17:36

I believe there should be some more publicity coming out soon and that will include access details. It will be a synchronous text chat. I will share as soon as I have that info. 


Recently a listly list on e-portfolio platforms was shared on twitter

I have suggested Mahara to it but it is still in the queue for moderation. 

27 June 2017, 19:02

Here's an update on the e-portfolio discussion event which will be this Thursday (29th June) at 1pm (UK BST). 

The chat will take place here but you will need to sign in to the site so please create a free account on the site first. 

We will be looking for examples of uses of e-portfolio use in education and references to work done by the community so please come along!

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