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Managing of Media content related to each portfolio very difficult/impossible

23 May 2017, 20:30

Dear Community,


we are using Mahara since 2 years, and the portfolios/Storage of our student is grown up progressively. Now we told to the studends, to delete some of the first portfolios to free space. The problem is, that there is no way to know/manage, wich media content(most images) is linked to wich portfolio.


Ho can i know, wich images are posted in wich portfolio?


Thanks a lot for your support

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24 May 2017, 11:57

Hello Daniele,

If you haven't tagged your files, it's not easily possible to see where they have been used. If files are used in pages, you do get a warning before deleting a file. Thus, if you deleted portfolio pages and then want to clean up the files, you can figure out which ones are used and which ones you can simply delete.

If you want to do a review, you could probably only do that via a database query at the moment.

If you have fulltext search, you can search for files and see in which pages they have been used.

These are all the possibilities I can think of without making any code changes.




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