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Marking SmartEvidence through Moodle assignment

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18 May 2017, 11:56

Hi all,

We've recently had interest from our Medical program in using SmartEvidence for students to self-assess their knowledge, submit their collection to Moodle and then have a teacher review and assess their SmartEvidence self-assessment.

We discovered that only a 'Teacher' role in Mahara could assess a SmartEvidence framework and had incorrectly assumed that the Moodle integration would have temporarily assigned the marker (from Moodle) with a level of access that could assess the framework. We originally hoped that we could avoid assigning roles in Mahara and this would be managed by permissions inherited from Moodle. As a temporary workaround, we've enrolled all marking staff within the Medical program as a teacher in Mahara.

Is this the expected behaviour? Are there any settings within Mahara that would allow a marker from Moodle to assess a SmartEvidence framework without being enrolled as a Mahara teacher?

This is something that'll we'll note on the Mahra LTI integration wish list :)


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18 May 2017, 15:19

Hi Greg,

We are a healthcare provider and use ePortfolios for a number of different professional groups, mostly nursing.

Our Moodle teachers are a completely different group/cohort or job function to our Mahara teachers.

For our instance we would be keen for the Mahara side to not automatically reflect the Moodle side for teachers rights.

Our eportfolio assessors are part of an assessor group where the assessors have been given tutor rights currently.

We are looking forward to testing out the SmartEvidence framework.



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21 May 2017, 16:44

Hi Greg,

Permissions from Moodle are currently not carried over into Mahara. I added your idea of (temporarily) assigning the staff role to an assessor who opens the portfolio to the ideas for the LTI implementation.




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